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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Read this please, everyone

Good to see so many of you posting good questions & links. If you're still not sure how to do it, ask someone in your group to walk you through the process. We want 100% participation by the end of the week.

Remember, if you were your group's AUTHOR and posted a summary of your discussion last class, you are not required to have posted FQS, DQs, & links for today (though of course you may, and if your FQ is selected for the quiz or your DQ for discussion you'll pick up another run). Being AUTHOR last time gets you around the bases with your first participation run today automatically.

You can edit, extend, & polish your AUTHOR posts after class. And you should, if you posted only a sentence or two at the end of class. Earn that trip around the bases.

And remember, when you're NOT the day's AUTHOR for your group you DO need to post FQs, DQs, & links before next class by clicking on "Comments" at the bottom of your group's AUTHOR post. 

Please do not post your FQs, DQs & links in new AUTHOR posts, if you're not your group's AUTHOR that day. Do click on "comments" and post there.

If for some unknown technical reason you're unable to post because your sign-in is not recognized, get someone in your group to sign in for you so you can post under their account. (You still get an AUTHOR "run," and so does your helpful teammate.) 

Here's another way for someone to pick up a run: figure out why some of our AUTHORS are still unrecognized, and post the solution. (Browser? Cookies? Tell us how to fix it.)

Always be sure to label the Subject line of your posts with "Section __, Group __ " (& whatever colorful team name your group has come up with). Also include Sec.# in posted quizzes etc.

If you want to pick up another run by transcribing and posting the daily quiz after we take it, I suggest you include the answers along with the FQs, or at least a page reference. That'll make for a much more useful study guide (remember, exams will be drawn from the daily quizzes). 

We want to be sure our quizzes cover all of the assigned texts each class, so consider delegating responsibility for different portions of the assignments. Some of you can be assigned by your group to concentrate on coming up with questions & links regarding Socrates as discussed in LH next time, for instance, others on Plato. Some can be appointed to pose questions on the McCabe podcast interview, others on Hobbs... etc.

Our goal is for the quizzes (and hence the exams) to be entirely crowd-sourced. But until we get proficient at that, I'll continue to post backup quizzes and DQ suggestions. It may be necessary to use some of my FQs on the exam, I'll let you know as the time approaches.
Kudos to Shania in #13 for posting even though she couldn't find her group AUTHOR's summary (because it was delinquent). Our posting motto shall be: any port in a storm! Post wherever you can. Something's better than nothing, anywhere's better than nowhere.
NOTE TO SEC.13: Because you got the Labor Day holiday, you didn't get in on our discussion of the Peripatetics and "This I Believe." But I encourage you all to take a look at the stuff we read about them (linked in the syllabus) and at my Tuesday dawn post. You many wish to consider doing your own TIB essay as a report project later. Freshmen, especially those who did the summer reading, may already have begun thinking about that. If you're interested, let me know.

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