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Thursday, September 4, 2014

group discussion 9/4 group 2

My group discussed many different topics such as the importance of Socrates actually existing. We also pondered love and what we believe on the topic. Was Plato a "selective listener"? Would Socrates make a good president?


  1. Factual Questions:
    1) Who was Aristotle's teacher?
    2) Aristotle taught a subject he called ethika, which means the study of ________
    3) The appropriate middle ground between non-rational and rational impulses is what Aristotle called the ________

    Discussion Questions:
    1) What does happiness mean to you?
    2) What is the true purpose of education? To prepare a person for a job or to prepare a person for life?
    3) Why do you think evil exists in the world?

    And this short little video clip is from one of my favorite movies, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, in which two guys trying to pass their history final travel through time picking up famous historical characters. One of the people they pick up is Socrates (or, as they refer to him, So-Crates). In the clip, they meet Socrates and attempt to philosophize with him.


    And here is just a cute little video called Three Minute Philosophy: Aristotle


  2. Alex Tate sec. 9 group 2
    1. From what book did the phrase "one swallow doesn't make a summer come from"?
    2. What was Aristotle's simple answer to how we should live?
    1. Do you believe happiness is just what you feel or your overall achievement in life as Aristotle thought?

  3. Anonymous10:29 PM CDT

    Jessie Barber
    Section 9 group 2
    1. Describe Aristotle's vision of God
    2. After reading about other views of what and who God is, does it change your own personal views?