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Monday, September 1, 2014

FQ's, DQ's, and Links for 9/2 Section 10

CoPhilosophy Section 10

Factual Questions:

1.  What Grecian emperor historically closed the philosophical schools in Athens in 529 A.D.?
2.  In John Man’s work Walk! there is a quote listing some of the things walking aids in seeing that were previously unseen, for example the first listed is understanding.  What is another of the items mentioned?

3.  Who is the NPR journalist who is credited in reviving the This I Believe segment?

Discussion Questions:

Do you think that the need or compulsion to move while thinking or philosophizing is to a person’s benefit or detriment? Why?

2.  Do you agree with Jay Allison that as a society we need to become better at listening and understanding one another on a deeper level?

TIB Links:





  1. I am not entirely sure where i was supposed to post this, so ill just leave this hear for now.


    What is the modern day definition of “peripatetic”?

    Which philosopher walked an estimated 250,000 miles in his lifetime


    The idea that walking helps you think is commonly accepted throughout history, does this mean that it is a proven fact that walking helps you think?


    On Meditation: This I Believe