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Thursday, September 4, 2014

A quick idea!

Hey, it's Jenna Jackley from section 10 (feel free to find me on Facebook; I'm the only one of me). This idea is for students among all classes! Today my group mentioned we'd like to make philosophical discussion more casual and challenge thought more often.

I just moved to Murfreesboro- close to the square- and I'd love to meet new people and hear new ideas. My space is open to a small group of people. If any of you would be interested in coming by every once in a while to talk and hang out, I could supply some coffee or wine or ice cream or chips and salsa. I think we could try our best to just get to know each other and our respective philosophies and make it as un-facilitated as we can. Just hang out, throw ideas around that you've collected throughout the week

This idea may flop but I wanted to gauge if there is any interest here! Feel free to comment or send me a message if interested!


  1. That's a terrific, generous invitation, Jenna: "Socrates Cafe" in the 'boro! I'll bet this is something I could interest the Philosophy Club in, if you'd be open to their participation. I'll take it up with them at their club meeting /Happy Hour today at the Boulevard (it begins at 4:30 and goes long, in case any of you wants to look for them). Jon Gill's the president, his contact info's in the right margin.

    Thanks for this initiative, let's try and make it NOT flop!

  2. I'm willing to help out and also spread the word to combat flop threats. [web/graphic design background] jon.wkitts@gmail.com