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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Questions for 9/3 Section 10

1. In his book, Joy of Walking, Donald Curloss Peattie states: "Time is not money; time is an opportunity to _________."

2. What is the name of the school that Aristotle founded in Athens?

3. Jay Allison and his partner, Dan Gediman, say "their goal (with TIB) is not persuade Americans to agree on the same beliefs." What is their goal?

1. Does the presence of time and human mortality influence your philosophical views?

2. Do humans, by nature, seek only to satisfy their own desires in life? If no then what do humans seek (if anything)? If yes, then why do the viewpoints of others matter?

3. Is walking the only way to stimulate philosophic thinking? Is it the best?

On the TIB website I found an eloquent and thought provoking essay submitted by Albert Einstein regarding the moral obligations of the individual. I suggest listening to the great narration job done by long time NPR correspondent and Radiolab co-host, Robert Krulwich.

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