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Sunday, August 31, 2014

FQ'S and DQ's Section 13

Kyle Shortman (13)

Factual Questions
1. aside from the peripatos in the Lyceum grounds, where could the word "Peripatetic" have been derived from?
2. What is the definition of "Reconnoitre"

Discussion questions
1."Time is not money; time is a an opportunity to live before you die. So a man who walks, and lives and sees and thinks as he walks, has lengthened his life." According to Donald Culross Peattie's quote from Joy of Walking, how does walking, extend one's life, beyond being a healthy physical habit? 

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  1. David Chege Section 13
    1. Peripatetic also referred to the act of walking which they did a lot.
    2. To examine or survey I think for geological and military reasons.

    I think walking based on Peattie's quote is meant as experiencing life. Rather than the old adage of time is money, experiencing life and taking in the world is much more meaningful. At least that's what I garner from the quote. In my personal opinion, one needs both experience and money to be able to enjoy life. You can't access some experiences without money and you can't have some meaningful experiences when focusing on only the material.
    Link: http://www.toonpool.com/cartoons/Time%20is%20money_107258