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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Looking for posts from all 12 authors selected by their groups on Wednesday and Thursday to post brief summaries of their groups' first encounters. Only three of you have done so, as of Saturday morning. Where are the rest of you? If you've opened your email invitation you should see "New Post" in the upper right. Click it.

Post something, please, so everyone can "comment" and add their FQs, DQs, links etc.

Starting Tuesday we'll make sure that always happens before we leave class.

Meanwhile, everybody, post those FQs etc. anywhere you like... but post 'em before Tuesday.

If you've forgotten where to find Tuesday's assignment: always look under "Next" in the right margin.

If you're having technical difficulties posting, please send your stuff to a classmate or to me to post for you.

See you in class. Have a happy Labor Day.



  1. DQ: In what ways does he landscape shape or enhance one's thoughts while walking and thinking? Does the location make a difference?

    FQ: In the time the Lyceum (Sp?) was out of business and before the new philosophers developed, what was going on in the philosophy realm?

    1. http://thisibelieve.org/essay/23555/

      here is my this i believe link. i found this really significant to the status of today's society. plus I'm all about promoting disability equality.

  2. My group hasn't posted their summary yet, so I'll just toss these up here (Group 1, Section 14)

    FQ: What was Justinian's motive for shutting down the academy in AD 529?

    DQ: Do you think that being in nature really encourages more thought and solutions to a philosophical question or problem? If yes, how?

    http://thisibelieve.org/essay/21253/ This essay gives a refreshing take on how life was before we had cell phones or video games to entertain and distract us. People had to be creative and use whatever they could in order to get the most out of life.

  3. Adam Cogdal Section 14

    Factual Questions-

    Which emperor closed philosophical schools in Athens?

    Jay Allison states that we as society no longer do what?

    Discussion Questions

    If what Jay Allison says is true, how can we begin to fix this problem?

    Is walking an avenue of experience? How so?

    Link- http://www.kurzweilai.net/children-with-autism-learn-imitative-behavior-from-socially-assistive-robot

    Autism is a socially destructive disorder, these children are learning and experiencing in a new socially manner.

  4. Hunter Coppinger Section 10


    Aristotles brilliant students were known as what (term)?
    Charles Darwins Sand-walk was known as?


    "I cannot imagine a god who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, or who has a will of the kind we experience in ourselves."
    -Albert Einstein, An Ideal of Service to Our Fellow Man
    What did he mean?

    Why does walking influence philosophers (peripatetics) so to a point of clear thinking?

    Link- http://thisibelieve.org/essay/141104/
    Goes along with Einstein's quote above about purpose.
    Comment back and let me know what you think!

  5. Cody Marsh, section 14

    FQ: What year did Justinian close all philosophical schools in Athens?

    DQ: Where would America be if we spent more time thinking and less time acting/filling our lives with tasks and things to do?

    This essay by Walter Annenberg is a great take on what freedom should be. He also says that with more success comes more responsibility to help others around you, which is one of my biggest beliefs.