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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The A Team 16-1

In class today we talked about Fussell and his theory of 9 classes and his category X people. Fussell did this as a joke.

We discussed Hugh Hefner as a philosopher. Carlin Ramono may have used Hef to generate some sales for his books but sexual morays were buttoned down and Hef turned that around.  Hef wrote Playboy Philosophy in a series of essays that may have been in response to America's hypocrisies. So do you think Hef was a philosopher? He doesnt seem to be a perverted hedonist. From his writings it seems like he actually thinks things through.

We also talked about JP Sartre and he belief that we have to fashion our own essence. We do not have a precise nature, man creates his own nature. So should it be human natures, because every human has a unique path. Mary Warnock didnt seem to be a fan of Sartre. She stated that he was "rightly forgotten". Just seemed a little harsh to me. According to Sartre we are all free, are we truly free if we have a car payment? a house payment?

Quote from Simone de Beauvour that i liked: "Man is defined as a human being, and women as a female- whenever she behaves as a human being, she is said to imitate a man."


  1. Anonymous9:46 PM CST

    abigail jones (16,3)

    I wanted to go ahead and get my post over for next monday. so i am posting on this section because my group has not posted their post yet.

    FQ: who is known for his rejection of the classical inductivist views on the scientific method and in favour of empirical falsification? Popper

    DQ: do you agree or disagree about Popper's favor of empirical falsification? why or why not?


    you can find my group comment on section 17 post since there are no other section 16 posts yet for today's class.

  2. That is a great quote from Simon de Beauvoir earlier in this post. I remember reading The Second Sex in high school and loving it. I can't wait to talk about her in class!

  3. Ben Nguyen (16-1)10:25 AM CST

    I think Hef can be considered a philosopher as much as any corporate junkie could be. If he was unsuccessful in affecting the American culture the way he did, would he have stood by his ideas so strongly? In fact, would any philosopher?

    I think many of our famous philosophers need the approval of others more than the approval of themselves.

    What famous book was Wittgentein working on? (Logik)


  4. Anonymous11:04 AM CST

    Anthony Helton 16-3
    I do think Hef is a philosopher by his lifestyle that he chooses to live by. In no way, is he a pervert because he simply states the way he lives and he lives it.
    FQ: What movement did Lerner take part in at his college? Free Speech Movement
    DQ: What was Tikkun and what did it mean?

  5. I had never thought of Hef as a philosopher until this class. Turns out he really is.
    FQ: Which philosopher wrote the book "Tractatus Logico- Philosophicus" which was more like poetry than philosophy? (Ludwig Wittgenstein)
    DQ: Wittgenstein did not believe in reading philosophy books really, do you guys?
    Here's a link to some quotes said by Wittgenstein: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/l/ludwig_wittgenstein.html

  6. We talked about Sartre's philosophy in which we have to come up with our own 'essence' for being. It brought a question to mind about the internal fortitude of humans. "Which person is stronger- the one whom holds faith his entire life, or the one who finds meaning in a meaningless existence?" Personally, I think it's the latter.

    FQ: Which Viennese philosopher was very concerned with the use of language and how it can't be based on a private linking of experience? (Wittgenstein)
    DQ: Is it actually evil to commit immoral acts based out of obedience and cowardice?


  7. Austin Duke9:59 AM CST

    (16-1) I suppose that Hef is sort of a philosopher because he had his own outlook on life that he promoted, but in that sense, the rest of us are philosophers as well.
    FQ: Who wrote Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus? (Ludwig Wittgenstein)
    DQ: Does being brought up in a society based on evil beliefs excuse an individual from being considered evil?

  8. Andrew 16-111:45 AM CST

    FQ: who wrote a novel praising American Dynamism? ( Max Lerner)
    DQ: Can ones history be looked passed and their judgment be based on present events?

    I am ready to start seeing presentations for those who actually present.

  9. Chelsea 16-112:18 PM CST

    I agree with you, Austin .

    FQ: True or False? Thomas Kuhn wrote a book that agreed and supported Popper's view on how science progresses. (FALSE)

    DQ: Do you agree with Popper that science is about being able to falsify a hypothesis? Or do you think there are patterns and that there is a 'paradigm' of certain times that scientists run their experiments within that certain framework and that something that didn't fit was a miscalculation until the point that there is a 'paradigm shift' that Kuhn proposed?

    Link: Karl Popper

  10. Courtney 16-312:21 PM CST

    I think we are free even if we have a payment because that was our original choice to buy the object.

  11. Jordan Cornelius4:00 PM CST

    I love the idea of Hugh Hefner being a philosopher. That's a guy I can follow! I wouldn't necessarily say he is a philosopher though. He definitely has his own philosophy on life and has the successful career to show for it. But with all that being said, that doesn't make him a "philosopher".
    FQ: What is Ludwig Wittgenstein most known for writing?(tractactus logico-philisophicus)
    DQ: Could one compare Hefner to another philosopher? If so, Who?

  12. Who described language as a series of "language games"

    (he was drawing attention to the many used of language)


  13. Based off of what Hefner believes, could anyone be considered a philosopher just with having an idea?

    DQ: If Hugh Hefner could be considered a philosopher, can anyone be considered a philosopher?
    FQ: Did Wittgenstien create the language games? Yes