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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The A Team (16-1)

In class today we talked about Freud's psychoanalysis and free association.  We also discussed William James and his influence on American pragmatism, although he gave all the credit to Pierce who, in returned, denied his impact pragmatism and subsequently changed his area of thought to pragmaticism. We went over Nietzsche's higher man theory. If not taken verbatim et literatim, i agree with Nietzshe's "superman". If you do not settle, and strive to do things that ordinary people dont do on a daily basis, then you can achieve something higher. Look at the outliers in America, the Steve Jobs, the Henry Fords, the Rockefellers, they never settled for mediocrity. They sacrifice while the average man succumbs to the lure of being lazy. Nietzsche says there should be a constant struggle, if you settle for mediocrity at any point, then you have lost. I like this approach on life. Dont be a sheep.

In our discussion we talked about the similarities between Machiavelli's "The Prince" and Nietzsche's "Thus Spake Zaruthustra". Some of us thought that both seemed like a self help guide; as "The Prince" was aimed at future princes and Nietzsche's "higher man" theory for a breed of humans in the future that are trying to achieve "superman".

Have a great day. See everyone on Monday!

Damon McCook


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM CST

    abigail jones (16,3)

    FQ: Who made the verification principle? Ayer
    DQ: When have you experienced a time when you felt like someone was talking nonsense to you?

  2. jordan cornelius8:31 PM CST

    I agree with Damon, I like Nietzsche's view on life. Being optimistic and having drive are definitely important morals to have, that not all philosophers have.
    FQ: What did Nietzsche start his career as? (classical philologist)
    DQ: would you agree with Nietzsche views? Why or why not?

  3. I too agree with Damon about Nietzsche's outlook on life. I never want to be that person that never strives to do better.
    FQ: Which philosopher's views on sex got him into trouble and was also a pacifist? (Russell)
    DQ: Have you ever thought about becoming pacifist?
    Here's a couple of quotes said by Russell: http://www.goodreads.com/quotes/tag/pacifists

  4. jonathan bogasky7:06 PM CST

    I'm going to agree with everyone else. There's always someway you can better yourself or the world around you. It's a great feeling when you do something with your day and a crappy one when you don't.

    FQ: Who came up with the Theory of Descriptions which explains how what we see relates to what exists? (Bertrand Russell)
    DQ: How important is it that a statement is empirically verifiable?


  5. Austin Duke9:31 PM CST

    (16-1) I like the idea of being bold and making sacrifices to achieve greatness, but I don't agree that people should throw all morality aside and do whatever they feel like to get to the top.
    FQ: What was Russel's primary area of philosophy? (Logic)
    DQ: What would William James the pragmatist say about Russel and his idea that something does not have to "subsist" to be meaningful?

  6. Andrew 16-110:27 AM CST

    FQ: what casual philosopher is known for "playboy philosophy"? (AP 273 Hugh Hefner.

    DQ: Can Hugh Hefner really be considered a philosopher?

    I have been waiting to learn about philosopher William James. I was curious to see why Dr. Oliver favors him.

  7. (16-2) I definitely say that it's ridiculously easy to become complacent and slip into mediocrity. It's a fate I'd personally like to avoid.

  8. i guess you could call hugh hefner a philosopher if you consider his successful approach at getting women to pose near naked to naked and make that a cherished accomplishment.

  9. Chelsea 16-112:04 PM CST

    Well mediocracy can be a choice. It depends on how one wants to spend their life and what make them happy.

    FQ: Which philosopher helped found the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament ? (Russell)

    DQ: Do you think it is important to be faithful to your partner?

    Link: Russell's writing " Why I am not a Christian"

  10. I do think Nietzsche is in a way relating to Machiavelli's the Prince since he is writing it to future generations not people of his time/ generation. along with Machiavelli only writing for princes.

    FQ: What movement was Ayer's book "Language,Truth and Logic" apart of?
    Logical positivism

    Should Ayer have been more appreciative of Russel since he was trying to help him?