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Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Highlanders

On Tuesday, we talked about quite about psychology and our brains and how children learn from their parents. We talked about Skinner and how he put his kid in a box. Moreover, we spoke about how kids will take the example of whats around them. For example, in preschool, kids who don't really like learning are put around kids who do and excel. The ones who are strugging will eventually begin to excel as well, through example. Some disagreed.


  1. Factual Question: Who wrote "On the Origin of Species?" Darwin
    Discussion Question: How do you feel Darwin's theory of evolution has changed education, thought, and the world as a whole?

    Link: Here is a link to the Darwin Awards...not exactly related, but still fun.

  2. That sounds like an interesting discussion, and that was an excellent example.

  3. Olivia (The Highlanders)6:46 PM CST

    Factual question: Whose most famous work was "Either/Or" and believed that sometimes ordinary social duties are not the highest values there can be? A: Soren Kierkegaard

    Discussion question: Would it be possible to live in a world without a class system?

    Comment: I really enjoyed our conversation about Darwin and the conclusion that micro evolution is undeniable

    Link: http://www.philosophytalk.org/shows/karl-marx