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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Posted for Xoe (16.1)

Can anyone suggest a fix for Xoe? Meanwhile, post comments here.

I have not been able to physically post anything for the last two Monday's now. My computer will not let me. I can comment on other posts, but it is not pulling up an option for me to create a new post or anything. Even when I go to my name on the list of authors or click on my dashboard it does not give me the option to post anything new. It is really aggravating because I like to give people the option to post early and have it done before Tuesday morning. Any way you can help?



  1. jonathan bogasky4:44 PM CST

    Sounds like it's something with the authorship. Dr. Oliver can probably fix it. The peripatetic thing on Monday was a nice break from sitting in the classroom. My group had a hard time finding things to talk about after the first 15 minutes or so. But we had a pretty good discussion about Marx and communism versus capitalism.

    FQ: Which approach to philosophy is most concerned with the 'practical consequences' of thought? (Pragmatism)
    DQ: Freud's psychoanalytic theory brings about some interesting ideas to the way our minds work, but how accurate was he? Do we all really have an Oedipus complex?


  2. Austin Duke10:41 PM CST

    (16-1) I liked the idea of walking around talking about philosophy, but I agree that we kind ofran out of stuff to talk about.
    FQ: Who is often credited as the first pragmatist philosopher? (Peirce)
    DQ: If we believe, like Nietzsche, that there is no god of any kind, then how can we decide what is moral behavior?


  3. Andrew 16-110:34 AM CST

    FQ: Who is the author of "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten:?
    (AP:263 Robern Fulghum)
    DQ: If the whole planet reverted back to the basics of Kindergarten, what would that fix/damage in the process?

    Yea I agree that being outside was amazing but we did lack subjects to talk about. However I enjoyed discussing the philosophy in "Atlas Shrugged".


  4. I really enjoyed taking the peripatetic approach to philosophy. I felt like our conversations went more smoothly while moving. There was not the awkward, blank stare one sometimes gets when there is a lull in the conversation. lets do it again!

    FQ : who's ideas in dreaming and free association idea helped develop psychoanalysis? (Freud)
    DQ: Is God/religion a man made creation used to pacify the masses?

    Intro on psychodynamic approach : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxaFOAnCKXU

  5. i hope to go on the study abroad led by Professor oliver.
    FQ who wrote The Varieties of Religious Experience in 1902 >?

    William James

    DQ Do you ever feel like everyone around you is a zombie ? WhY?


  6. Chelsea 16-112:44 PM CST

    Try using a different browser.
    I enjoyed walking around last class.

    FQ: True/False William James was an American philosopher and psychologist. (True)

    DQ: Do you think William James way of saying God exists is reasonable ? Why or why not ?

    Link: William James quotes