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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Philosophers Guild(H)

Last class we were joined by a member of section 17.  Our faux group member added much to our discussion and helped keep the ideas flowing.  We really need to assign authorship at the beginning of class for sure.  We discussed Darwin, and John Stuart Mill and had Dr. Oliver clarify a few of Mill's ideas for our discussion. 


  1. Factual: What does Kierkegaard's family name mean? (Graveyard!)
    Discussion: Do you believe, as Kierkegaard did, that the duty to God trumps ANY other duty?
    Last time: I enjoy Darwin and the debate he helps stimulate, so last time was a good class period despite our tiny group.
    Links: Here's a Charlie Brown philosophy comic for you guys. http://www.mbird.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/CB-01.jpg
    I commented on Highlanders

  2. Poor Ol' Charlie Brown... in a land where even an L.Ron Hubbard can find Believers, you'd think he might find someone to believe!

  3. Factual: What did Marx believe? He was an Egalutarian: He thought human beings should be treated equally
    Discussion:Do you think Marx was right when he said capitalism will fail?
    Comment: I really enjoyed our discussion last week, even though we were a smaller group it was still really good :)

  4. Factual question: what is the main focus of Kierkegaard's book, Fear and Trembling? (The biblical story of Abraham called to sacrifice Isaac)
    Discussion Question: Is there a limit to what a person would do for their faith?
    Comment: It was different having someone from another group in our discussion. I guess it is ok to have someone stir the religion pot every now and then.
    Link: here is a link to a review of Fear and Trembling

  5. Anonymous1:29 PM CST

    Awesome that you guys got a different point of view!