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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Philosopher's Guild

On Thurday, most of our group was missing. It was only Evan and myself. We talked with Dr. Oliver about our favorite presidents and had more of a layed back class period.


  1. Factual: What was Wittgenstein's first book? (Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus)
    Discussion: Do you think language leads philosophers into confusion?
    Comment: Sorry I wasn't there guys! I will be today though...
    Links: He looks like a cool dude: http://www.clivejames.com/files/images/Witt.jpg
    I shall comment on another group now...

  2. Hailey Lawson (16-3)7:45 AM CST

    So who is your favorite president?:)

  3. Austin Duke5:23 PM CST

    (16-1) George Washington. He was the first president we had and was able to keep our country together in its formative years, he set some important president precedents, and he didn't really mess anything up.