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Saturday, November 16, 2013

NoPhi (16-3)


Wednesday we cleared up a little bit of confusion about authors, but then I almost forgot I was supposed to post this time! Anyways, our group's discussion turned into several simultaneous discussions so I'm not sure what everyone ended up talking about, but the subjects of the day were Nietzsche and Freud.


  1. Hailey Lawson (16-3)3:43 PM CST

    FQ: _____ is the study of any reality that lies beyond our senses. (Metaphysics)
    DQ: Ayer had a near-death experience where his heart stopped beating for four minutes. During that time, he said that he saw a red light and two "Masters of the Universe" speaking. However, when he "came back to life," he remained an atheist. Would you be able to do the same? How would you interpret that experience, and apply it to your life?

    Link to a little bit more info on the topic (DQ):

  2. Interesting that Ayer was led to believe that the mind continued after death. I think the imagery he experienced occurred in his unconscious in the moments between life and death.

  3. Ricky (16-3)7:13 PM CST

    FQ: What mathematician said the concept of truth is redundant? (Frank Ramsey)
    DQ: Does Ramsey's concept of contigent truths applies to you?

    Bio on Ramsey

  4. Anonymous9:20 PM CST


    FQ: What is "Linguistic turn" in philosophy? (A movement in which philosophers think hard about language and its underlying logical form)

    DQ: I always live in a contradiction way like Russell. I see things in different sides and angles. I say yes and no almost to everything before I make decision. Are you like this?

    "Why are you not a Christian?" (Bertrand Russell)

  5. 16-2
    I feel that in moments like the one Ayer experienced, when you go unconscious, it is just like dreaming. You see things that you have been thinking about a lot etc. So for him to think of the masters of universe wasn't a surprise. I really dont know what I would have thought of if that happened to me.

  6. 17-3
    When you become unconscious, normally you don't think of anything. Life or masters of the universe flashing before one's eyes is just our mind trying to come to grips with the sudden experience, influenced by the "knowledge" that such experiences do happen to others.

  7. Anonymous10:31 AM CST

    Do subliminal messages really work? Supposedly your mind recognizes it unconsciously?

  8. FQ:___ doesn't believe that tense [past, present, and future] are not part of time? (mellor)
    DQ:do you understand Mellor's philosophy on time? do you agree?
    i think subliminal messages work in a sense that something in you hears or sees the message but you dont realize it.


  9. Courtney 16-312:11 PM CST

    FQ: Which philosopher was born in 1903 and focused on identifying truth.
    DQ: Why should people look simple addition problem tautologically instead of just at a general level?
    LInk: http://www.nilsericsahlin.se/ramsey/

  10. Anonymous12:51 PM CST

    Anthony Helton 16-3
    FQ: When did Bertrand Russell die? (1970)
    DQ: What was the purpose of Prinicipia Mathematica?