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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

No Sox (Group 2 Section 17)

Sorry for the delay in posting. Monday, we watched a video about Greeks playing the Germans. We then discussed that for Hegel history is a thing. Schopenhauer despised happiness as a form of self delusion. B.F. Skinner believed we consist positive in our society and /or family. Maslow is said to have a very high opinion of himself. And, Coles has a genuine feeling for the lives and minds and hearts of children, and especially the children of crisis. 

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  1. I found that video quite amusing. FQ: Which philosopher of the 19th century was a campaigner against injustice, feminist, politician, journalist, and utilitarian influenced by Jeremy Bentham
    A: John Stuart Mill (LH pg. 139)
    DQ: what are your thoughts about how John Mill was raised by his father ?