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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

NO SOX (17.2) 11/20/13

Today in our discussion group we decided to have it peripatetic style. Our discussion included the philosophical questioning of Hue Hefner. The philosophy of Hef definitely took him to far places.


  1. Ben Nguyen (16-1)10:26 AM CST

    Was it Hef's philosophy that took him to great heights, or was it the great heights that spurned his philosophy?

  2. Do you guys consider Hefner to be a philosopher?

  3. Ricky (16-3)11:50 PM CST

    Some consider Hef to be a philosopher but in my eyes he isn't. It's like art, there could be a painting with scribbles and there would be a person over-thinking and being "wow, this depiction of life is so surreal" but that's just my opinion

  4. ^^ I agree with Ricky. I don't consider him a philosopher. I think the main reason people can even argue that is because he's a huge public figure, but in no way does that make him a philosopher. Would we call Miley Cyrus a philosopher? No, because an educated woman would know better than to swing naked on a wrecking ball.