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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NO SOX (17.2) 11/13/13

Today in our discussion group, we talked about Sigmund Freud and his view on philosophy. The question arises, is he a philosopher? Well his studies were mainly in the psychoanalytic field, but much of that field is more theoretical than practical. Because Freud had theories and philosophical views of that particular field of science, he is deemed a philosopher.


  1. I think Freud is more of a psychoanalyst than a philosopher. Only because I've taken a psychology class and studied some of his work, but I think most of his theories are based on the unconscious and repressed feelings rather than philosophical questions.

  2. FQ: He became fascinated by the branch of mathematics and logic called she theory?

    DQ: Why was Ayer against "Metaphysics"?