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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

nameless 6 (17-1)

Today in group 1 we had another peripatetic day discussing Nietzsche's statement "God is dead" and Fletcher's loyalty. Since today I have been very tired today so I don't remember much of the conversation but I can give my side. I do agree with Nietzsche that if God is dead then there is no morality. With Fletcher's loyalty I'd have to say that loyalty is what we chose to believe in even when things go bad. Today I'm choosing to end on the warmer side because this week will only get warmer with a high of 67 and 73 on Saturday and Sunday respectively, and here is a neat video about Nietzsche
I'm Lee Gish and this is your philosophy forecast.


  1. "if God is dead then there is no morality" - WHAT? You're saying those who don't believe in God are incapable of behaving morally? That's palpably false. Atheists and agnostics in general are neither more nor less "moral" and ethical than anyone else.

    But maybe you meant something else?

    1. Its more like if religion is dead then morality would be too. because as a society our morals come from our religions.

  2. I agree with Nietzsche's outlook on life.

  3. FQ- when was Ayer born? (1910)
    DQ-has anyone read his book?
    Comment- the book looks good logic and truth is a big topic ppl like to debate