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Monday, November 11, 2013

Nameless 6 (17-1)

Today was very fun for me because of the whole outside walk around campus. In our group we started at the JUB with a conversation about the final solo reports and third test. Next we headed towards the KOM while talking about whether it is better to have more faith than reason. At the KOM we met up with the other two members of our group and continued our discussion. After which The five of us meandered over to the open air observatory and talking about Marxism versus communism. Upon leaving the open air observatory we wandered over to the SUB while talking about marriage and whether it is more of a legal or religious contract. Then getting us back to topic I asked which of Kierkegaard's life styles suited them or someone else as we headed to the library. At the library we met up with Dr. Oliver and continued the conversation which drifted to religion and that lead to scientology. Lastly back at the JUB our group met up with someone from group two who also said that she enjoyed this and wished that the class had done this earlier in the year and I would have to agree.

Lee Gish says QAUCK.


  1. Anonymous8:58 PM CST

    Kathryn mills checking in.....I must say being outside was rather enjoyable, though its difficult for me to do much walking around campus. if we could do this on other days but not have to wander so far, I think that it'd be an awesome thing to continue doing. I think some of my questions, or "insights," into todays discussion have to deal with some things that Dr Oliver caused to stand out in my mind: It's along the lines of "faith." What IS faith? How do you know if one really possesses it? Is it possible to achieve TRUE faith? And what are the demands that are placed alongside such a 'feeling?' I'm open to interpretation if anyone wants to take a stab at further elaboration!!! Also, reflecting back on the Marxist ways of looking at things, I am led to wonder, Is religion a mere 'apathy' to the masses? In a sense, I think I can answer this one for myself. Yes, I believe that Marx was being cynical and I tend to agree with him; when in doubt, the masses (then) flock to religion! But if you're a (truly) religious individual, why does it that said faith/religion is only full-circle embraced during times of distress, "whoa is me" moments, etc? And there's "thoughts by katt" for the day. See everyone on wedsnesday & hope ive kicked this cold by then!

  2. FQ-when did william james die? -1910
    DQ- How did each person like today?
    Comment- I loved it I wish we did more of it! NIce talking to everyone
    Link- This chapter is called So What? We used to always go over the so what question in my high school english class.

  3. I think marriage was meant to be a religious contract but over time it has turned more into a legal contract. Many couples today (especially military) get married just for the money or benefits from marriage and not their religious beliefs.