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Monday, November 4, 2013

Nameless 6 (17-1)

In a philosophy class at MTSU four students attended class. Then the teacher and two other students sat down and we discussed whether Hegel's linear history is correct or not. most believed, like Anthony pointed out, that history is in a state of flux between increases and decreases. Another thing about Hegel is that he believed that our world is heading to something better. Later when Avery joined us the discussion began anew, although with a lot of the same points. It then shifted to how we perceive time. When the class dismissed the four students moved on with there lives, until this Wednesday at 2:20.


  1. Lee, I think we need to get you & your peers out of the Group #1 bubble: "Four students attended class"-?? This is why we ALL need to float.

  2. Yes, I agree with Anthony that history has its increases and decreses, but if you broaded your prespective, we are slowly making progress. I also think what dr. oliver said was interesting, that out of all the time the world has been here, us humans just got here... guess i never actually did the calculations and saw how dramatic that ratio is.. very interesting. I also agree with him about our discussion on optimism. I don't think we should look at specific things that are wrong. That just leads to depression. instead, look at the bigger picture and how far you have came.