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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Final solo reports

Unless your scorecard is "clean"- no more than two days absent, and complete daily base-clearing participation otherwise- you'll need to do a final report. It can be (1) a 10-15 minute presentation, (2) a five-page essay, or (3) blog post(s) equivalent to five pages. 

If you choose (1), I need to know this week.

If you choose (2) or (3), the essay or blog post(s) need to be completed by Dec. 4. Printed essays should be five pages in typescript, double-spaced. Blog posts should be the approximate word-equivalent, in length, of a five page printed essay. Blog posts need not include bibliography or footnotes, but sources should be explicitly named or hyperlinked.

For your final solo report, my preference is that you read and give an overview of Part 3, 4, or 5 in America the Philosophical; then, identify what you see as Romano's main thesis in one of the subsections (for instance, "African Americans" in section 3, "Cyberpolitics" in section 4, "Sophists & Sophistry" in section 5...) and critique (criticize or defend) it. 

Other options are indicated on the syllabus.

For section #H1, if you've not yet done your 10-page paper, the new option announced last week is to do a five-page essay plus a presentation.

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