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Friday, November 8, 2013

Carlin Romano

I'm pleased to report that Carlin's flight from Philadelphia finally touched down late last night, he's in Murfreesboro this morning. Join us for lunch if you'd care to, at Boulevard B&G at 1 pm Friday.

He'll be signing books in front of COE 164 at 4:30.

The Lyceum begins at 5 in 164.

The post-Lyceum reception (free food!) will be at Dr. Principe's home, all are invited. Directions will be provided at the Lyceum. Come, post a comment, circle the bases on Monday/Tuesday.


  1. I was unable to attend the Lyceum, but I'm pretty sure I saw Dr. Oliver driving down broad street with Carlin Romano.

  2. In my blue Corolla. He's a fascinating guy to talk with.