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Monday, November 4, 2013

A-team 16-1

Today we graded our tests that we took on Thursday.We also had 2 floaters in our groups and discussed Schopenhauer and Hegel mostly. Hegel seeming more optimistic than Schopenhauer. Saying that there is no guarantee for progress but we may as well try. The next philosophers that we will be discussing are Mill and Darwin out of Little History, Reeves and Singer out of Philosophy Bites Back and Coles ,Gardner ,and Burke out of America The Philosophical.


  1. Schopenhauers philosophy was interesting due to how pessimistic it was. That guys life must have royally sucked to come up with a philosophy like that. In the reading for Wednesday, Singer talks about Henry Sidgwick. To me, Sidgwick seems like the most down-to-earth philosopher we've talked about so far.

    FQ: Which eighteenth century philosopher wrote "On Liberty?" (John Stuart Mill)
    DQ: What would society be like if moral rules were never broken?


  2. Anonymous11:56 AM CST

    Abigail Jones (16,3)
    Again, my group has yet to post to here is my post for Wednesday classes.

    FQ: Who was one of the last systematic philosophers, making significant contributions in logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, and social theory? Mills
    DQ:What do you think of Mill's liberalism?


  3. I think that I would enjoy reading Hegel's work and trying to understand the underlying message.I really like this Mill guy as well.
    FQ: Which philosopher was a genius and also a feminist and compared life to a tree stating all human beings need room to grow and become themselves? (John Stuart Mill)
    DQ: Do others agree that greater happiness comes from greater individual freedom?
    Here's a link to a video on Darwin: http://www.biography.com/people/charles-darwin-9266433

  4. Ben Nguyen (16-1)7:37 PM CST

    What German philosopher wrote On Liberty? (John Stuart Mill)
    Do you think a philosopher with a manipulated childhood like Mill can be a reliable source of idea?

    That philosophers' soccer was hilarious.

  5. Austin Duke10:20 PM CST

    (16-1) I like the idea that geniuses need to be free of social norms and pressures to really develop their ideas.
    FQ: What philosopher was noted as being an early feminist? (John Stuart Mill)
    DQ: Should more parents be using the educational methods implemented by Mill's father?

    1. unique 16-312:02 PM CST

      i dont think any parent or teacher or educator should implement learning to the point where it puts the learners health at serious risk.

  6. 16-2

    Ben, I feel like any intellectual figure would be a reliable source of ideas. However. It may not have been right for his dad to do that to him.

  7. Andrew King9:03 AM CST

    What was Kenneth Burkes first book called? (Counter Statement pg 209 AP)

    Can the world survive without any form of money. If everyone in America abandoned its currency could everyone agree on keeping their jobs for the good of the country. Everyone working to survive without getting a paycheck at the end of the month or week?

    I rather enjoy the pessimistic philosophers, I find their ideals both interesting and entertaining.

  8. Monday i floated and in the first group we asked the question "Does history repeat itself?" we came up with several examples i.e. Rome, British Empire, current day United States. In the second group we discussed Free Will and Shopenhauer. We also talked about the effects of psychedelic drugs to cure things like depression and to help bring out creativity.

    FQ: which 20th century Harvard educated American philosopher works focused on child behavior and ordinary people? (Robert Coles)

    DQ: do you agree with Mill's Harm Principle?

    link about Mill : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=By9XTR_JGys

  9. Chelsea 16-111:56 AM CST

    I definitely agree with Mill's thoughts on pleasure and how there are different levels rather than Bentham's view on pleasure.

    FQ: What philosopher was an educational experiment and while growing up he was kept away from other children so that he would not learn bad habits from them ? (John Stuart Mill)

    DQ: Do you agree with Mill that there are different levels of pleasure?

    Link: John Stuart Mill quotes

  10. Courtney 16-312:13 PM CST

    I think as a whole we need to try and progress, and I do believe it is possible for us to advance as a whole if we all continue to try harder.

  11. There shouldn't be double standards for people who are intelligent, they should thrive in normal social situations just like anyone else.

  12. It was interesting to see how pessimistic Schopenhauers, but him and Hegel's philosophy was completely different, meaning Hegel was more optimistic than Schopenhauers.

    FQ: Robert Coles philosophy focused on: Child behavior and ordinary people
    DQ: What are further opinions on Mill's philosophy on different levels of pleasure