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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Is God dead?

We as humans have struggled with different and varying concepts about life, morality, and the possibility of a supreme being.  Friedrich Nietzsche is a firm believer of God is dead; he might as well be a believer because he  is known for stating this famous quote. I want to go deep into a true society without God or varying gods/beings. What does a world look like if we denounce God and more broadly, religion? Would societies crumble and fall? Will there be a chaotic atmosphere where we can't walk outside because we are unknown of our outcome? Will a caped billionaire decked to the nines in flexible leather come and protect the city?
 Nietzsche didn't believe anything would go wrong if humans did not have God. Morality; our perception  of right ad wrong. This word is just that for Nietzsche. The absence of God would throw out the belief of morality. People would be released from the prison of having laws that they didn't create or have any say so in allowing. Humans could start to make a new set of values for not only themselves, but the future generations. How crazy would it be if we did this? Think of it fellow readers and blogger. Imagine a world without war, unnecessary death, judgements that results in unspeakable violence or even a hold of pressing issues like if homosexuality right or wrong. A peaceful world would be there for us to grab it and take into account for our own thinking. We won't be puppets for God ad his plans. This is a relaxing thought to some of Nietzsche's fans, but not to me. I believe this world needs guidance. We could be free some would argue which I believe could if a great stance, but we had a chance when we were free. In the biblical era, we were given free authority over a mass garden to name the animals and enjoy themselves. One tiny rule: don't eat a fruit from one tree. There were countless trees before Adam and Eve to eat from. Eve was tempted and failed who encouraged Adam to disobey as well, in which case he also failed. They were tricked by evil. They both made a decision to disobey God's only rule. It doesn't seem like a tremendous deal to modern belief. If I was in there role of that decision, I would steer clear from the tree. I would probably put a fence twenty feet from the tree so I knew I wouldn't go near it.
It was a rule that was set to protect Eve and Adam from being tempted and going against their maker. Laws, rules, what it might be called in your own definition. Some of the modern laws can go overboard with the amount of ridiculous nature they bring with the meanings behind them. We need them. It's not really rules that we need, it structure. Humans need a foundation to stand on and complete tasks; to enjoy ourselves and life right. Humans want to build their houses on sand because the beach looks beautiful and it seems calming listening to waves. This is a terrible idea because of the danger or a tsunami, eroding, and countless other watery problems. It may seem harsh, but humans need the stone. We need something firm, strong and durable to stand and live one. Yes, stone becomes old, but that's just the way the boulder crumbles. Regardless, we still need something more dependable than a weak foundation. Our thoughts of foundation may say, we still won't need God for our foundation. Yes, we do. Our foundation  is supposed to be our trust in God. Think of this scenario: imagine your best-best friend, whom you have known your entire existence, tells you not to date a certain individual because they had past experiences with the individual that was not pleasant. They claim the individual causes a tremendous amount of pain and sorrow, but you don't believe this so you date them anyways. The individual did just as your friend said and now you are left in pain and have a feeling of sorrow. You are not the only one hurt by your choice. You chose to go against the wise advise of a trusted friend. Your best friend is hurt because you couldn't trust their words enough to avoid the predicament. They feel betrayed, hurt, and at wits end with your future as best friends. Trust is so hard to build up, and it takes seconds to ruin years of the structure. This is how God might have felt after The Fall. He urged and stated not to go to the tree because they would cause pain on themselves, but it did not help their decision. He was hurt because they disobeyed, but the fact that they couldn't trust His word was the knife in the chest. If He knew or not, it would still hurt knowing that they would not trust your well given advice.
I am a very open-mined Christian with beliefs that may go against the norm, but I do not care. I believe that there is a God that has a plan for me.Where does my belief come from? I get asked this countless times. I can sit there and quote Bible passages, state evidence of Bible events in history, but I rather tell one of my many stories. My older twin brother left church one Saturday and later that day, he was hit by a truck. It was a miracle that he lived with minor injuries compared to what it could have been. He suffered a concussion internal bleeding and the lost of both the senses of smell and taste. His memory was terrible. He was always angry and I started to doubt God. Plenty of bad things started to happen which made me denounce God. I went AWOL from religion. I was in such a drastic and violent shape when I swallowed my pride and asked for help from God. His response was immediate and I haven't looked back. I tell people about how I myself almost died, but thanks to God I did not kick the bucket too early. I understand I cannot persuade my readers to be Christians and run to the closest church for a baptism. No such thing should be done. I just ask that you think of situations you got out of where there was no way it should have happened. Life is a mystery, but it does not have to be.

Life is hard and brutal and we blame God and Lucifer. It has little to do with them; we are the problem. We run amok causing terror because someone is different or people have different beliefs. We are suffering because we choose to not know better. Some might say they are not the troublemakers causing such mischief, but life might as well slap handcuffs on our wrists and charge us with accomplice to conspire. WHAT??!! Why such a charge? We sit there and blame the next person instead of dealing with our problems in a better manner. We allow this to keep going on because we don't teach our future generation about evil and how we should strive to avoid it. We would like to shift responsibility to public and national officials that we think can help solve the problems we started. We have minds to help influence the world to actually be a better place than where we are now. Instead we are chasing fame, money, selfish matters,  acceptance, luck and plenty of other stuff. If we took the time we use screaming you only live once, writing papers late and killing that man to get his possessions; we could put the effort to change this Earth into something stunning. Whether you believe in my theory; believe in a being called God that forgave our sin and wants to help us, or not. I want my readers to seek a better future for the world. When we step back and look at the full picture instead of the abstract version, we see the problems that we can fix with some faith and some trust. If I had received everything I wished for, I would be very miserable. There are a lot of things that I did not need because it was for my protection. I do not think the concept of God is dead. I think His theory is more alive than ever before. Nietzsche had a very great point in how life and morality should be. It was not so far fetched. We as humans need to stop and think. We need to really listen to what our world needs. It's a beautiful place just for us to have. We cannot treat each other like heathens and mongrels. We need to have respect for people and their different beliefs. I'm not asking you to believe in what I believe; I just want you too stop, listen, and think about your actions and how they will reflect not only the individual but the world. If it was up to me, I would rather to not have free will. We make these terrible decisions, but I learned they are not mistakes. On the contaray, they are lessons to be learned and understood. Life is too short and beautiful for humans to keep wasting it. We need to give our future generation a chance to get things right.


  1. Yeah girl! I LOVE this post! Stop, look and listen is a great motto that more human beings, Christian or Non-Christian should follow. It is our duty to this world to make it the best it can be, and that comes through our actions.

    I'm so glad you posted this!

  2. "We cannot treat each other like heathens and mongrels." But some of my best friends are heathens and mongrels, and they treat me fine.

    Anyway, I agree with your next statement: "We need to have respect for people and their different beliefs. I'm not asking you to believe in what I believe; I just want you too stop, listen, and think about your actions and how they will reflect not only the individual but the world."

    But then you wish not to be free? I don't get that at all. If people need to be more respectful, then they need the freedom to choose that course and enact that will... the freedom to counter all the bad choices with better ones, the freedom to learn from mistakes.